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Sending congratulations to our friends, colleagues and relatives on their important days is one of the most beautiful traditions we nurture to this day. This is our way to show our dear ones that we acknowledge their achievements and rejoice over their happiness. However, coming up with the right congratulations to send or tell the person is not as easy as it might seem from the first sight. After spending a few minutes hopelessly trying to come up with a couple of sentences that would express our best wishes and show our support we are often tempted to go with something like “Congrats on your big day!”, “Happy B-Day!” or “Good job, keep it up!”.

However, unless you really know that he or she is a person of few words and will appreciate the brevity of your message, sending such congratulations to your friend or relative is not the best idea. Such a brief text could give the person an impression that he is not important for you. What else should the receiver think if instead of giving it some time to come up with the right words that would bring a smile on his/her face you have sent something this impersonal?
To help you avoid the trouble you could get into, below in this article we are going to suggest a few short wishes that could be suitable in variety of cases. Maybe the person you know has just engaged? Maybe your friend is celebrating a birthday? Or do you need to send congratulations to your former classmate who is about to get a diploma? We have something that could help you in all of these cases. If you don’t find anything that suits your situation just perfectly (and it is likely that you won’t), you could use our suggestions as a source of inspiration to come up with your own wish or improve them by adding something personal!

Although you both have been wonderful separately, together you are just “Unbelievables”. Congratulations for the future husband and wife! May you stay in love until the end of your days.
Congratulations for the sweetest couple in the whole world!!! You two have no idea how happy I’m to hear about your engagement! You’re very lucky to have your other-half by your side, so cherish each other and never let your love fade away!
Enjoy your birthday and don’t forget that even though I cannot raise a glass with you, I’m thinking about you and wishing you all the best! I can’t believe I have the luck to be your friend and hope to send you tens of birthday messages over the years that are yet to come!
Congratulations on your birthday, dear! It is thanks to you I never forget that every cloud has a silver lining. Keep inspiring everybody with your endless optimism and enthusiasm!
Congratulations on finally getting diploma! I hope that four years in college have given you not only knowledge, but also some beautiful friendships. Take everything you found there and let your dreams carry you to the new places!

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