General Terms

Reservations made with us require valid credit card details or a deposit to be confirmed. Once confirmed, your accommodation would be gauranteed on arrival. Please note that if the above requirements are not met, your booking may not be confirmed.

Confirmed Bookings

All confirmed bookings would be held by the reservation system until the date of guest's arrival and payment in full is expected to be made on arrival. If you require any changes to the original resrvation, please ensure that ample time is given and in certain cases we may be able to help.

Tariff and Special Discounts

Tariff shown are specific for certain types of units and the amount of persons occupying. Rates may varie if the particular type of units are no longer available at the time of your booking has been made. Please note that the family size unit ratiff is stated based on occupancy of two persons only and all extras would be added on respectively. If any discounts given for longer stay and the length of the stay is shortened, rates quoted may also be changed.

Special Conditions

Special conditions may be applied due to peak periods or special events in the area. On such occations, minimum stay periods, full payment on confirmation, non refundable deposit or total payment in the event of cancellation, may apply. Under no circumstance, we would confirm the booking without your consent to relevant conditions

Cancellation Policy

All confirmed reservations made with us under general terms would require minimum 48 hour notice for cacellation and for any special bookings, as agreed at the time of the reservation was established. Please be aware that failing to do so would oblige you for the full payment. We would take all practical measures to resolve the situation. If the opportunity no longer exists to establish a reservation under the same terms and conditions, we may have no choice but to proceed with the original agreement. We deeply regret any inconvenince caused